Sell Smarter. Sell Faster.

AI-driven sales + CRM software to grow your revenue by driving productivity, boosting motivation, enabling sales team growth, and deepening customer relationship.

Grow Your Revenue by Selling Smarter...

You’ll be able to do these with SOLUX

Close Deal Faster

Our tools help your team prioritize important tasks and stay focused on critical activities. With our pipeline management, you can quickly identify and overcome obstacles at various stages, leading to a faster deal-closing process.

Grow Sales Team Efficiently

Our tools serve as an all-encompassing solution, streamlining sales processes, offering valuable insights, and providing tools to boost the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the team, ultimately fostering the growth of the sales team

Build Better Customer Relationship

Instantly grasp the complete context of your customers and empower your team to respond quickly, fostering enduring relationships that contribute to business growth.

Develop Team Expertise Effectively

Empower your team to acquire knowledge and build expertise at any time and from any location. Our Learning Platform handles all the essential tasks, such as monitoring progress, assessing tests, and issuing certificates.



Make Your Team Work Smarter

Make the most of our automation tools to streamline administrative tasks and enhance your workflow. This includes sending automated (AI) message at scale to your prospective customers, automatically marking deals as closed if they exceed a 30-day period and sending reminders to sales representatives to follow up within 7 days of adding new contacts. By leveraging these features, you and your team can boost productivity and work more efficiently.


Easy to use UI & UX

Our simple and intuitive interface will enable anyone in your team to use SOLUX instantly without much hassle. Smart filters, bulk updates, and pipelines will enable you and your team to analyze and close deals faster. Solux is also available on desktop web, mobile android, & iOS, making it easy for your team to access and use the tools anywhere and anytime.


Sales Pipeline Management

Your entire sales pipeline is updated real-time. Stay up to date with everything and seamlessly manage your deals. Track deals at every stage of the sales cycle, and pick up where anyone else left off. 


Complete Customer Context

Instead of chasing down phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or past activity; manage your contacts in a single central platform. A central platform means your teams have access to a comprehensive picture of your leads and customers, thereby equipped to handle customer relations and interactions more effectively.


Instant Visibility of Sales Performance

You’ll have access to your revenue, commission, and financial performance in real-time. This allows you to assess your performance and identify areas for improvement in the sales process promptly. Additionally, our commission estimation keeps your team motivated.

Manage All Your Data Into One Place

You should run your business smoothly by implementing SOLUX along with the tools you already use. That's why SOLUX can be integrated with many different apps, such as Accurate, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and many more...


Solux Essential 

Best for businesses up to 10 sales people. Essential includes Sales, CRM, Training, HR, and Private cloud, with use cases as follow: 

  • Customer/ Contact Management
  • Deal Management & Pipeline
  • Commission Estimation
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Absence with Photo & GPS
  • Import/ Export CSV

Starting from:

Rp. 25 Million

per year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOLUX?

SOLUX is a sales + CRM + HR apps/ software enabling your company to improve your sales team’s productivity, find potential leads, and track deal progress, manage sales pipeline, store contact information, and even generate quotes. Moreover, it offers valuable analytics and reporting features for managers to manage teams, analyze strategy, and optimize process.

Can I get a demo of SOLUX?

Yes, absolutely. Please fill out this form and our team will be in touch with you to arrange a personalized demo at a convenient time for you.

How soon can my team use SOLUX?

Implementation can typically be done within 48 hours. However, it also depends on the implementation requirements from the clients.

How do I pay for SOLUX?

At the moment, we only accept payment via bank transfer.

Will my team be trained on the product?

Yes. Our team will give you a walkthrough of the product once the implementation is complete. Additionally, we will provide product tour videos from our learning module for you to train your future teams to us SOLUX.

What if my company needs customization & integration?

SOLUX comes with basic functionalities to help you cater to your specific company needs, such as pipeline management, custom parameters. We also partner with Eannovate to help you develop your customization and integration should you need external assistance. *Customization fee is to be determined based on the scope and requirements by Eannovate.

What if I have more questions?

Please send us an email at with your questions and we'll be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

Ready to grow your business?

With SOLUX, you and your team can focus on selling more & building relationship with your customers.

SOLUX is a Sales + CRM software enabling you and your team to work smarter and deliver better results by driving productivity, boosting motivation, enabling sales team growth, deepening customer relationship, and many more.

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